3 Nations on the U.N. Human Rights Council have Death Penalties for Atheists

This news story shows how far the world has to come before universal human rights are achieved, which includes the right to non-belief, in particular where it is framed as blasphemy.

It is no small threat either, this report has been re-released in response to the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (made of Muslim majority countries) attempting  to secure international condemnation and restrictions on “defamation of religion”.

Non-belief should be the default position and protected as a fundamental human right, over and above the right to freedom of expression or belief. Humans have a right to believe what they want, however that belief should not be forced upon others or impugn others’ rights.

Blasphemy, however, describes subjective offence or disgust felt by someone else’s actions or beliefs. Though religions regularly offend and disgust me (blaspheming my non-belief…), there is no fundamental right to not be offended, no matter how strongly it is felt, and nor should there be.

Original story here:

Atheist discrimination and blasphemy laws: IHEU presents report to U.N. Human Rights Council..


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