Inquiry into child rape slams Catholic Church, recommends removing confessional protection

Let’s be honest about it. It’s not just child “abuse”, we’re talking about the rape of children by trusted members of an organisation which enjoys tax-exempt status and undue influence over governments around the world.

Everyone has the right to a childhood free from abuse and trauma, this betrayal by both priests and the church is heinous, and more continues to be revealed every day around the world.

Finally this is one inquiry recommending legislation to remove the protection of the confessional when it comes to protecting children who are being raped.

Here are some key excerpts from the article:

“Committee member Andrea Coote said the Catholic Church had minimised and trivialised the problem, kept the community in ignorance, and ensured that perpetrators were not held accountable, so that children continued to be abused.”

“The betrayal of trust at a number of levels of the church hierarchy was in such contrast to the religion’s stated values that many Catholics found the betrayal almost impossible to acknowledge, Ms Coote said.”

Ms Crozier said children were betrayed by trusted figures in organisations of high standing, and suffered unimaginable harm. ‘‘Parents experienced a betrayal beyond comprehension, and the community was betrayed by the failure of organisations to protect children in their care.’’

Mr Wakeling said hearing the evidence had taken its toll on some and paid tribute to all those who participated.

MPs wiped back tears as they listened to their colleagues talk about the inquiry.

Nationals MP Tim Bull said the greatest betrayal of trust was the rape of children.”

Inquiry into child sex abuse slams Catholics, recommends sweeping change.


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