Catholic Church crumbling in the Netherlands.

Behold! A vision of a secular future free from indoctrination and blind faith. This is what can and will be achieved in most Western societies in this century, perhaps within decades.

As reported by Catholic publication

“The Catholic bishops of the nation that pioneered legalized euthanasia for children, prostitution, and “gay marriage” have come to Rome to tell Pope Francis that he is facing a Church that has “drastically secularized” and hemorrhaging members.

… 600-700 Catholic churches in the Netherlands will be decommissioned by 2018.”

My advice is to heritage list the good buildings, and sell all of them off to better serve the communities in which they currently just take up space.

And the pope’s wise council?

“You must not give up. You must keep courage and above all the hope that Christ has given us. This hope never disappoints.”

Sure, perhaps praying will work too…

Original link to Patheos:

Catholic Church crumbling in the Netherlands..


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