8 Common Myths about Islam

Written by an ex-Muslim, here are succinct responses to 8 common assertions by defenders of the Islamic faith.

Atheist Crusader is one Fithna who agrees with all of them.

Original Post by Faithless Daughter on Facebook.


8 common myths about Islam

1. Islam means peace.

This is a false statement; Islam means submission, not peace. Peace in Islam is said to come only when all governments are replaced by Sharia, and the world is rid of Fithna (non-Muslims) only then Muslims are told of peace.

2. Islam is a religion for humanity, Islam respects all religions.

How can a religion be for humanity when the religion promotes a hell which would burn and torture those who don’t believe the religion? And if Islam respects all religion, why do they call them infidels who are considered to be fuel for the hell fire?

3. Islam is the fastest growing religion.

This is just wishful thinking, and it is not true. This statement has been around for the past 10 years, and till today it’s the 2nd largest religion of the world.

4. Islam respect and uphold women.

This is a lie. In Islam women are considered to be half when compared to men. Women receives half of what the man gets for inheritance, a woman is compared half to a man as a witness in Islamic Sharia. Women are said to be “the right hand possession of men”. A woman has to get permission from the husband to travel alone. Women are considered to be deficient in thinking. And a man can have up to 4 wives and the woman has to agree with it.

5. Islam is scientific.

It’s not. In the Quran it says that the sun sets in a muddy creek. Shooting stars are missiles to ward off jinns eavesdropping on Allah in heaven. The earth is like a bed, and a carpet. Mountains are pegs. Birds can talk. Stones steal cloths of prophets. Blood clot turns to life, flesh comes over the bones. In conclusion, Quran is a book with fable tales which feeds on the ignorance of those who are raped of their intellect.

6. Islam will take over the world.

The only way is by butchering those who don’t believe Islam.

7. Islam is the way of life.

If you consider murdering people by stoning them to death over sex, murdering anyone who leaves Islam, murdering anyone who draws Mohammed, murdering homosexuals is a way of life; Islam is the religion for you.

8. Islam is perfect, Muslims are not.

Muslims are the product of Islam, Muslims obey the teachings of Mohammed and believes what’s in the Quran and Hadiths are true. And Muslims justify their actions by basing them on the scripts. So Muslims are as imperfect as Islam is .



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