About & House Rules

Part journal, part manifesto.

This is a place for the thoughts, musings, deliberations and favourite posts from around the interwebs of a lifelong atheist and skeptic.

Also a place for like (and unlike) minds to exchange and debate ideas for which I hope the posts will serve as kindling.

A little about me: While I don’t want my personal stats to frame readers opinions, it is comforting to have context… Therefore I will say I am a male in his thirties with a degree in psychology who works for a large corporation.

Of more relevance, I have a keen interest in science, technology, current affairs, understanding the human condition and how we are increasingly ruining the one world we currently have to share, along with the influence religion and cultural practices have on individuals and societies.

Ultimately I fear for the future of the human race and strongly believe that aside from economic inequality and resource misuse, religion is a major catalyst of our downfall.

Our saviours will continue to come in the form of scientific advances, universally accessible education and healthcare, and ultimately acceptance of truly universal human rights, allowing us to set aside our differences and work together to fix this planet for our mutual benefit.

I will use this blog as a clarion call to other freethinkers in the intellectual crusade against insidious religious influence, using the rational reasoning of skeptical inquiry as a torch of enlightenment. Okay that’s a bit melodramatic but you get the point.

HOUSE RULES: Unlike Facebook, this is personally controlled territory. While some content may be confronting or challenging, I welcome healthy debate but not irrational or unfounded abuse, or obvious trolling (even covert trolls for that matter). If I don’t like a comment, I’ll remove it. There won’t be any reporting or appeal.

If there is worthwhile debate then I’ll do my best to respond, however I do have a life beyond the matrix – a full time job, family and friends so may not be able to reply all the time. Sometimes I might, or might not.

Anyway, with that procedural framing out of the way, please enjoy! Or join the battle…


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